Who is the biggest buyer of gold in the world?

Turkey's central bank remained the Best Gold Investment recorded this year. It added 31 tons in the third quarter, bringing its gold reserves to 489 tons (29% of total reserves). So far this year, it has added 95 tons to its gold reserves. The biggest buyer, the Central Bank of Thailand, bought 90 metric tons of gold, while the RBI bought 77.5 metric tons, making it one of the Best Gold Investments. The World Gold Council, a market development organization backed by the gold industry, publishes a similar ranking, and while some of the figures differ, its ranking of the top consumers of gold jewelry is very similar to that of Thomson Reuters and its analysts.

However, while many people view gold as a safe investment, gold jewelry is still a very important part of several cultures, often for reasons related to its value as an investment. India and China are still in the top two when it comes to buying gold jewelry, according to figures published in the latest Thomson Reuters GFMS Gold Survey report.