Is it good to buy digital gold?

Digital gold is a virtual method for buying and investing in the yellow metal without having to physically hold gold. And the minimum purchase or sale value is one rupee. Unlike typical online gold purchases, where you have to spend a specific amount of money, investments in “digital gold” can be made for as little as 100 INR with absolute certainty of the quality of the gold. Digital gold is emerging as an option for those who want to invest in gold just to invest.

Investors who also want to invest their funds in the short term are attracted to buying digital gold, as it is relatively stable and can provide passive income. Digital gold is a new era version of buying gold through online channels. Digital gold is a tool for buying and selling pure gold in its digital form at current market prices. The innovative digital gold lending option offered by platforms such as Paytm has solved these problems and has made gold available to everyone.

The key difference between buying physical gold (coins, ingots) directly and through the digital gold option is that there is no need to worry about the security and storage of the latter. But is digital gold a financial product? How does it compare to gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs)? Is it safe to invest in it? Mint gives you all the answers. The gold rate shown on the platform where you have digital gold is the rate per gram of pure gold (999.9 or 24 carats). Three companies offer digital gold in India: Augmont Gold, MMTC-PAMP and SafeGold, which is the retail brand of Digital Gold India.

If you're looking to buy and sell gold digitally, these are your options and how to invest in digital gold. Investing in physical gold, one of India's favorite traditional ways of investing in gold, in digital format, is now being considered. It's important to know that buying digital gold is as genuine a process as buying gold in person. Investors can invest in other forms of digital gold, such as gold bonds and gold ETFs, regulated by SEBI and RBI.

When you buy digital gold from any application, you are actually buying from brokers who help you access that gold from renowned companies such as Augmont Gold Ltd, Digital Gold India Pvt. Anyone who cannot afford to buy gold in physical form or cannot invest large sums all at once in the yellow metal can opt for digital gold. The Jar application automatically invests stored coins in digital gold, which will help you accumulate digital gold for a secure future.