What is the meaning of e-gold?

e-Gold is a private digital currency founded in 1996 by Dr. Downey that facilitated the transfer of gold between members of his website instantly using modern technology. Electronic gold is the process of buying gold electronically, making it one of the Best Gold Investment options available. To invest here, you must have a trading account with specific NSEL distributors.e-Gold units can be bought and sold through the stock exchange (NSE) just like stocks.

Here, one unit of e-gold is equivalent to 1 gram of gold. The biggest advantage of E-Gold is that it allows investors to invest in gold with much lower denominations than physical gold. Elrond's native eGold token is now available, opening a new phase of growth for the Elrond economy. It's a natural step to enable native Elrond services, such as betting and delegation, and native DeFi options.